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Thank you for your interst and support in Jordan Animal Rescue.


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Our Mission

In Memory of Shujah

It all started when...I met Shujah in a pit, paralyzed from a bullet in his spine. My gentle giant, RIP

Welcome to our new site. The old site could no longer handle the traffic and we needed an upgrade. This site is new and far from done but disasters don't wait for programmers.  Our mission has always been to raise money and support the small rescues. The rescues doing great work but just need a little extra help financially. If we can help them pay medical bills or buy much needed food or supplies then we have had a good day.

Right now we need to support the small rescues doing amazing work. If you read our blog it will highlight who we are aiming to help, rescues that are going above and beyond what it takes in this crazy time. We decided it was more important to raise money to support all the rescue efforts needed in Houston and Florida, mabye even the Pacific Northwest where fires rage out of control, than to have a finished site. Please forgive us our imperfections, right now we have people and animals that need our help. 

I know many people are supporting ASPCA, but there are so many animal rescue efforts that are going on now and over the next year, that will need your support. Small rescues that are accepting more animals in an effort to find their families. Animals that are sick, hungry and will never see their families again. There are people who will take care of these animals, nurse them back to health, find them homes and transport them across the country to make sure they will never suffer again. We need to support those people.

So our premise is simple. We have sponsors that have provided gifts. For every $10 you donate you will be entered to win a gift. You will receive a receipt, your receipt number will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be chosen at random in a live drawing. Each prize will only have 500 donors. Once a prize is closed we will send you an email with the link to the live drawing. You do not need to be watching to win but how exciting if the person that wins will be there to claim their prize.  

Please, give generously. If you can't give please share our message and our unique way to support the animals.

Please join our Facebook page below to be notified of all live drawings, new prizes and donations given. Right now there is so much need that we will not be raising money for specific rescues. All money will be going into a general emergency fund. We will announce donations on the the blog and the Facebook page to keep you informed of how your donation is helping those in need.