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The beginning of a dream

Karen Kynell

I have been talking about building this site for 4 years. There never seems to be enough time. I see my friends coming together to provide for and take care of the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and the time is NOW!

I could no longer let this dream sit on the sidelines I had to act. The ASPCA does allot but it does not begin to cover all the need. This is where small groups of people gather together. Small rescues that are already underfunded and struggling decide they can give just a bit more. Well, a few sleepless nights and I could help do my part in making sure that their efforts could be helped with funding.

I am not able to be in the trenches so this is how I can help. I ask everyone that sees this website, blog or Facebook post to donate if you can. Most importantly SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Please, this is the most important thing you can do. Maybe you already gave, maybe you just can't stretch the budget enough this week that's ok, we know you will get back to us when you can but sharing with your friends and families on Facebook or in an email or text only takes a few minutes of time and could mean the difference to another dog or cat that just needs a dry place to rest until it's owners can find them.